LawFairy Collaboration with Abundance Investment

14 June 2023, London – LawFairy, a legal automation technology company, is proud to announce its collaboration with Abundance Investment Ltd. Abundance launched a decade ago with a mission to show that money is one of the most powerful tools to tackle the climate emergency. And in that time they’ve achieved a great deal. Over 8,000 investors trust their open and honest approach to green investment, and have invested over £150 million to support climate projects across the country. No mean feat. But now isn’t the time to sit back. It is the next decade where we need to rapidly accelerate the transformation of our economy and society.

LawFairy is delighted to help power that by completely automating and digitising Abundance’s project finance document suite, built in record time using LawFairy’s new MetaEngine and putting into effect its unrivalled automation engine. No other platform comes close to matching LawFairy's quality and ability to handle complex legal documents in corporate, capital markets, finance, IP and pro bono settings.

Louise Wilson, Founder and Managing Director of Abundance, said: A smooth and efficient legal process makes a huge difference both to cost and ease. Making production of the suite of legal documents incredibly quick - and putting it in our hands - means we can use our valuable external legal counsel for the important advice elements. The cost savings also reduce barriers and risk overall. We are delighted and excited by the potential of what LawFairy has created for us.” 

Abundance is a very important player in the solution to the climate emergency. Like us, Abundance is not happy with the status quo. It is such a pleasure and an honour to work with Louise and her team in helping to supercharge their execution of green investment” said Raj Panasar, Founder and CEO of LawFairy.

LawFairy – in collaboration with Abundance – Makes legal wishes come true

About Lawfairy

LawFairy is the brainchild of Raj Panasar, a former partner at Cleary Gottlieb and Hogan Lovells and a skilled software engineer. 

Raj, alongside his extraordinary colleagues, has developed a groundbreaking engine capable of generating virtually any legal document — regardless of complexity — in mere seconds, while harnessing a dataset that can transform risk management and transparency to unlock the potential for data-driven insights and improved decision-making.

As a law firm partner, I asked the leading contract automation company at the time what it would take to be able to answer all the questions needed to draft a client-ready draft of a complex document with the click of a button. When they said that all that automation would be able to do in the foreseeable future was to make it easier for a lawyer to do all the complex drafting that they do, I resigned my partnership so that I could create exactly what my partners and I were looking for. And I committed to bring that technology to bear for those in need too. LawFairy was born to make legal wishes come true and that’s exactly what it does. - Raj S. Panasar  

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