Corporate and Pro Bono Collaborations with Hogan Lovells

31 October 2022, London – LawFairy, a legal automation technology company, has today achieved a seminal moment in its progress and has announced its first collaborations with global law firm Hogan Lovells.  These collaborations do justice to the balanced ethos of LawFairy – profit with purpose.

LawFairy was established in 2021 with a very simple purpose: to capture complex information and transform it into complete, complex legal documents with one click. Unlike other automation solutions, it can handle a level of complexity that leaves the lawyer with minimal (if any) drafting left to do before being able to send a high quality first draft to its client. LawFairy has also repurposed this technology to provide people in need with solutions to their complex real-life problems.

LawFairy’s first collaboration with global law firm Hogan Lovells is focused on creating efficiencies in drafting contracts for UK equity capital markets transactions. LawFairy turns the traditional drafting process into a detailed and guided Q&A which extracts the information required to complete first drafts of contracts, increasing the efficiency of turnaround time between taking client instructions and producing a first draft. We’re delighted to be partnering with LawFairy on our first collaboration in the equity capital markets. LawFairy has the potential to disrupt the traditional drafting process and we’re excited to be at the forefront of exploring its potential, said Sharon Lewis, partner and Sector Group Leader – Finance, Insurance and Investment.

Equally important is harnessing the potential of this technology for the benefit of pro bono. LawFairy is working alongside Hogan Lovell’s market-leading global pro bono practice to produce a council housing application letter for a local community advice service. The automation can cope with a level of complexity that reflects the reality of people in need.

Yasmin Waljee, Hogan Lovells Partner, International Pro Bono, said: To be able to work with LawFairy and apply its cutting-edge technology for our pro bono work is ground-breaking.  It has the potential to be able to revolutionise access to justice and begin to address some of the extreme unmet legal need that persists.” 

Hogan Lovells is an exceptional firm, one that not only cares about the quality of what it delivers to clients, but also one that cares about the impact it can make in society. I am very proud that LawFairy is working with such a great firm to help it deliver exceptional results in both these areas through LawFairy’s unmatched documentation automation platform”, said Raj Panasar, Founder and CEO of LawFairy.” 

LawFairy – in collaboration with Hogan Lovells – Makes legal wishes come true

About Lawfairy

Created by Raj Panasar, LawFairy is the product of his legal and coding experience to create an automation platform which revolutionises the way legal documents are drafted, saving weeks of time for lawyers, and creating value for clients. 

As a law firm partner, I asked the leading contract automation company at the time what it would take to be able to answer all the questions needed to draft a client-ready draft of a complex contract with the click of a button. When they said that all that automation would be able to do in the foreseeable future was to make it easier for a lawyer to do all the complex drafting that they do, I resigned my partnership so that I could create exactly what my partners and I were looking for. And I committed to bring that technology to bear for those in need too. LawFairy was born to make legal wishes come true and that’s exactly what it does. - Raj S. Panasar  

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