Pro Bono Collaboration with Toynbee Hall

14 November 2022, London – LawFairy, a legal automation technology company, has announced its collaboration with Toynbee Hall, a charity that has been based in the East End of London since 1884, working in partnership with local communities to tackle unfairness and ensure everyone has an equal chance to thrive. Coming hot on the heels of the announcement of LawFairy’s corporate and pro bono collaborations with Hogan Lovells, this collaboration with Toynbee Hall is the next step in the balanced ethos of LawFairy – profit with purpose.

When Toynbee Hall first opened its doors in in Tower Hamlets, the need for help and support there was greater than almost anywhere else in the UK. 138 years later, the community in which it works remains one of the most unequal in the UK. With 44% of people in Tower Hamlets still living in poverty, their work is as vital today as it was then. One of the most significant issues facing people in Tower Hamlets is the impact of the housing crisis – the proportion of people coming to Toynbee Hall or one of its Debt Free London partners for help with debt caused by rent arrears was over 47% in 2020/21.

LawFairy’s collaboration with Toynbee Hall is therefore focused on transforming the delivery of housing advice to its community. LawFairy’s platform can automate the creation of council housing application letters in less than a second after capturing the information through an intuitive and responsive questionnaire. The automation can cope with a level of complexity that reflects the reality of people in need.

We are very excited to work with LawFairy to increase access to justice in East London and beyond. Legal technology plays an essential role in the sustainability of pro bono services and LawFairy is a potential game changer. In the midst of funding cuts across the sector and the current cost of living crisis, we look forward to utilising LawFairy’s platform to maximise our impact and support our local community” , said Jasmine Ashley-Tagoe, Free Legal Advice Service Manager at Toynbee Hall.

Toynbee Hall is such an important charity. Its Free Legal Advice Clinic, the oldest in the world, has been at the forefront of changing lives in the local community for over a century. It is very important to us that the best technology designed for the financial services space is repurposed to help people in need and I am very proud that LawFairy is able to provide its platform to such a great charity for no charge to help it deliver change through our unmatched documentation automation tech, said Raj Panasar, Founder and CEO of LawFairy.” 

LawFairy – in collaboration with Hogan Lovells – Makes legal wishes come true

About Lawfairy

Created by Raj Panasar, LawFairy is the product of his legal and coding experience to create an automation platform which revolutionises the way legal documents are drafted, saving weeks of time for lawyers, and creating value for clients. LawFairy was established in 2021 with a very simple purpose: to capture complex information and transform it into complete, complex legal documents with one click. Unlike other automation solutions, it can handle a level of complexity that leaves the lawyer with minimal (if any) drafting left to do before being able to send a high quality first draft to its client. LawFairy has also repurposed this technology to provide people in need with solutions to their complex real-life problems. 

As a law firm partner, I asked the leading contract automation company at the time what it would take to be able to answer all the questions needed to draft a client-ready draft of a complex document with the click of a button. When they said that all that automation would be able to do in the foreseeable future was to make it easier for a lawyer to do all the complex drafting that they do, I resigned my partnership so that I could create exactly what my partners and I were looking for. And I committed to bring that technology to bear for those in need too. LawFairy was born to make legal wishes come true and that’s exactly what it does. - Raj S. Panasar  

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