Pioneers in digitising and streamlining complex data to automate natural language documents

LawFairy is the brainchild of Raj Panasar, a former partner at Cleary Gottlieb and Hogan Lovells and a skilled software engineer.

Raj, alongside his extraordinary colleagues, has developed a groundbreaking engine capable of generating virtually any legal document — regardless of complexity— in mere seconds, while harnessing a dataset that can transform risk management and transparency to unlock the potential for data-driven insights and improved decision-making.

At LawFairy, we transform complex document production with the power of deep automation. Book a demo with LawFairy's founder today to see it in action.

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LawFairy is building out its relationships with banks to automate client documentation and contracts. Shouted out by Goldman Sachs at the 2023 Future Lawyers Conference in London and by Citi in 2022.

Law Firms

Hogan Lovells is LawFairy's anchor law firm client. Delivering faster, cost effective solutions to its clients. "No other platform can match LawFairy's deterministic technology".


LawFairy is working with Abundance Investment to automate its climate focused project finance platform to supercharge its business model.


Prestigious company partnering with LawFairy to tokenise assets and payments in a $2tn industry. Without 100% of the complex commercial terms in an automated dataset, this wouldn't be feasible. Only LawFairy can unlock that.

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Unparalleled capability for elite complexity

No other platform comes close to matching LawFairy's quality and ability to handle complex legal documents in corporate, capital markets, finance, IP and pro bono settings.

LawFairy presents a groundbreaking solution that eliminates the "hallucination" risks associated with generative AI. Outperforming even the most advanced AI, LawFairy's deterministic, predictable, and accountable platform expertly handles the most intricate legal documents, automating them to 100% completion.

LawFairy's powerful technology automates the most time-consuming tasks, outpacing human capabilities in both speed and accuracy. This innovative solution offers unparalleled efficiency and quality benefits.

Automating The Automation: Introducing the FairyMetaEngine

LawFairy's groundbreaking FairyMetaEngine simplifies the creation and automation of complex legal documents in record time. It can ingest a client's own documentation and create the questionnaires to automate them again and again with speed and precision. The FairyMetaEngine revolutionizes the legaltech landscape for businesses, law firms and other institutions.

Pro Bono

Charities and individuals in need deserve access to high-quality legal support. ESG/CSR is key to solving that need.

LawFairy is committed to delivering fairness through its unique business model. Driven by a strong sense of social responsibility, LawFairy uses revenues generated from its fee-paying services to help fund the social justice side of the platform.

By partnering with us, you can make a meaningful impact on society with minimal resources.

Our Pro Bono Services


LawFairy's platform automates housing applications for those in need in less than a second.


LawFairy is working with Hogan Lovells and KIND UK to automate immigration applications.

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